Reinkarmation (CD)
Reinkarmation (CD)

Reinkarmation (CD)

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"Reinkarmation" is Daryl Wayne Dasher's third and most stylistic album to date.  It was recorded in Nashville, TN by the renowned Americana and Bluegrass producer/writer/musician Thomm Jutz, and features some of Nashville's finest musicians (Including Scotty Sanders on Pedal Steel, Mark Fain on upright Bass, Lynn Williams on drums, Tammy Rogers on fiddle, and Jutz himself on guitars).  It even features an Oboe solo from Nashville composer and avant-garde artist Robbie Lynn Hunsinger!  

The title is an intentional misspelling formed by the conglomeration of the words reincarnation and karma, as several of the songs have lyrics based around these two concepts.  For instance, "Elvis Blues" tells the tale of Elvis Presley reincarnating as a bird and trying to get back to Graceland, only to find he can't afford the steep entrance and parking fees to get in. "Love Song for Old Souls" is a beautiful waltz heavily steeped in Classic Country roots, yet tells the story of a chance encounter with a lover from a past life.  "I'm in Morning" (another intentional spelling) is based on finding a way to start anew within this lifetime.  

This album is 100% organic, no computer trickery - just really good musicianship.  The vocals were mostly done in one take, leaving them very honest and real.  It was mastered by Alex McCollough and pressed on 150g black vinyl records (digital and CD formats are available as well).  

So put this record on, light some candles, open a window to let a little nature in, and enjoy the experience!