DashCard (USB Drive) #2: Reinkarmation (2019)

DashCard (USB Drive) #2: Reinkarmation (2019)

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Did your new car or computer come without a CD player?  No problem! Just plug this credit card sized USB flash drive into your USB slot and your ready to go! Plays automatically in most vehicles with USB capabilities (media).  In your computer, you can easily add to your iTunes or other music player and can also access bonus material like liner notes and artwork.  

Also, these "DashCards" have plenty of room to add your other favorite DWD music (or whatever you like) and keep it all in one place! 

DashCard #2 Includes: Reinkarmation (2019) PLUS: Original liner notes and Artwork. 

 (Does not include the bear, rocks, or pine cones - but it looks nice, eh?)