"HONKY TONK WAYS" Official Pre-Order and Fundraising Campaign!

"HONKY TONK WAYS" Official Pre-Order and Fundraising Campaign!

THIS IS IT! The official pre-order and fundraising campaign for my brand new album, "Honky Tonk Ways" - coming 7/30/21!!!!

I cannot express how grateful I am that you have taken interest in my music, and in helping me to realize this dream of releasing a new album! 

Most of the packages offered here will only be available during this campaign, and will not be offered again.  I want to be sure that the folks who help make this record a reality will have something very special to show for it.  If for some reason we do not reach our funding goal by the time the campaign ends on May 15th, refunds will be swiftly issued for items that could not be produced.  I'm hopeful and optimistic that this will not be necessary as each package was meticulously thought out and planned.

Everyone who participates in this fundraiser will be receiving a digital copy of the entire album (via email) BEFORE IT IS RELEASED to the public! CD's, T-shirts, USB's, and extras will all ship out right before the release date.  Due to a +30 year high on vinyl record demand, there is an industry wide delay on production.  Because of this delay, we will ship vinyl LP's separately as soon as they arrive. 

Again, thank you. Thank you for believing in me and for all of the support you have shown throughout the years, during this pandemic, and now into the bright future!!!

Sincerely from the bottom of my heart,

Daryl Wayne Dasher  

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